SuperTreats Dog Biscuit Review
Supertreats YUM!

Supertreats YUM!

The other day an e-mail arrived from the nice folks over at Thrive! foods offering Finn a sampling of their new treat the “SuperTreat”. The concept they are going for is fairly neat as well. The treats are marketed with a special program called “Suprise” which is basically just a single serving of the treats but they’ve made it extra easy to buy one and have it shipped to a pooch you love. For hard-core dog owners (and really aren’t we all) there is sometimes a debate on wheter or not to get presents for a dog but this seems to solve that problem. The treats are:

Good enough for people to eat with their dog – they taste great (Banana Biscotti, Ginger Snaps, Peanut Butter Granola, Dehydrated Papaya Chews) and we use human-grade ingredients made in an FDA certified facility.

The variety we got were the Vitality Granola bites. Finn of course scarfed these things down in no-time so they do get the puppy approval. Because they have the whole FDA approved ingredients thing going for them I even tried one. It’s no poptart, and you won’t find me packing them for myself on any hikes, but the treats were palatable and I must admit I’ve had worse food that was actually made for humans.

All in all not a bad little package and these will definatly be kept in mind for future dog presents.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with SuperTreats! or Thrive! foods. They did however send quality free product which is an easy way to please Finn and friends.

SuperTreats Mailing

SuperTreats Mailing

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