Puppy Gardening and Digging- Ten Memories #4

#4 Dog Digging in the Yard

Finnegan was just a puppy, there was some dirt, he had some free time. It was inevitable. He dug up the yard.

For a while every time the little bear dug, he was alone. This left us no good opportunity to tell him not to dig. Of course he was doing it out of boredom, so it was our fault for not wearing him out, but sometimes a puppy just gets into things. It started so innocently, just a paw or two around the edges of the yard. Nothing too destructive but rather it was a marking saying “Hey, Something smelled or tasted good”. Slowly though the puppy became more brazen, ready to do his digging while we were around. Then one day we noticed some of the patio pillars (a nice painted wood) had chipped off…. were those bite marks?

Shortly after discovering the one set of chew marks we found the other posts had been nibbled on as well. Finnegan was provided with ample other options of chew toys, bones, and rawhides but it seemed he just got bored sometimes. The solution was to wrap the pillars in chicken wire, and staple down some over the worst of the digging holes. Since we did that Finn has been pretty good, he digs in the sides of the yard every once in a while now, but if it’s in the dirt we don’t mind as much. It was all a reminder of what yard care will be like with an active dog.

Finn’s new thing is to find some random branches and chew those, earning him the nickname “The Gardener”, so at least for all his mischief he added to his growing list of nicknames.

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