New Vet: Firehouse Animal Health Center

One of the hassels with moving is getting setup to deal with things. Dog parks, good walks, where to get the right food, where to board (cage free), and most importantly a place to get a check up and a place to go in emergencies. Luckily for us our house is only about a half mile from the Littleton Firehouse Animal Health Center. We drove by it for a month or two, noticing the signs but never going in (thankfully due to good health) until one day a month or so ago that an issue came up.

Firehouse Animal Health Center

Firehouse Animal Health Center

Within a few hours of calling Firehouse I was in there offices. No wait at all. This is huge for us as most of the time these things are immediate and we don’t want to wait even 2 days to get Finn in if he’s in pain or uncomfortable. The staff was fantastic as well from the folks working the front desk, who gave Finn a treat and made him feel comfortable, to the vet techs, who are all extremely knowledgeable, to the Veterinarians, who take the time to answer questions and get to know their patients. Pricing here is in line with what we expected and a few of the services are cheaper than we’ve paid in the past. Unfortunately they do not have a vaccination clinic (an inexpensive way to just get vaccinations) but the checkup is useful and a good time to get Finn looked at, he’s fine by the way.

One of my favorite aspects of Firehouse Animal Health Center is that they are technology forward. A few hours after a visit an email appears with ALL THE NOTES direct from the veterinarian. Now I’ve got a copy of everything they checked him for, all the vaccinations he got, as well as things to look for sitting in my inbox. Further, the Center’s website even has an embedded research journal which contains information on injuries and illnesses of pets.

Finn waited while I filled out paperwork

Finn waited while I filled out paperwork

Firehouse is a chain of Centers in the Denver area but with a little planning it’s easy to ensure you keep seeing the same vet. Overall the franchise setup of the organization helps with their organization and it’s evident that the employees still care about pets. We’re lucky to have found such a great vet, but we can only hope we don’t have to make the visit often.

June 11th, 2009 1:05 am

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