Moving a Dog
Golden Retriever Finn sleeping as usual

Golden Retriever Finn sleeping as usual

There has been a lot going on in Finn’s world these past few months, and the next few include some fun times as well. Back in December we moved from wonderful Southern California to Denver Colorado. Nothing in particular brough us here, just a general sense of wanting to try something new. Getting settled in the area, situated to a new job, new climate, and new friends has been quite an experience.

The move itself was surprisingly uneventful. We drove here twice to get both cars and the second time Finn made the trip. 5 hours to Northern California was a breeze, it is a trip Finnegan has made a few times. We then spent Christmas at the Parents house with Bear enjoying his stocking and all the new plants in the yard while getting praised from the whole family for being so adorable. After a few days though it was time to be on our way, next Stop Salt Lake City where we’d visit Finn’s Aunt. Later December is not the best time for such a pilgrimage, chains required going through Tahoe, poor visibility, but luckily we didn’t hear a peep from the little guy in the back. He was content to let us do the talking and each time we stopped he dutifully hopped out, peed and then settled back in for some more driving. In Salt Lake we stayed at a great, dog friendly hotel.

The Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake city gets as many thumbs up as a dog can give. It turns out the whole Kimpton line of hotels is dog friendly. Well, pet friendly. See if a guest does not have their own pet to bring on the trip the staff, upon request,  will provide a goldfish that will be fed and cared for by the housekeeping staff but who lives in the guest room. Even if you’re only staying a night or two. What’s more, when we told them we’d be traveling with a pet there was no crazy deposit on the room, no weight limit, no major concerns of any kind. Clearly they’d worked with dog owners before. When we did arrive our room had a dog bed already in it and a nice food and water bowl. We only stayed one night becasue we had to get to Denver, but it was the first time Finn got to see snow.

A few hours after we got to SLC, and once we had eaten dinner, it started to snow. There was already the 5-6 inches from a previous storm but the active snow was too much to pass up. I grabbed Finn’s leash and we went for a walk despite the cold. Out in front of the Mormon temple I let him loose to romp in the now 8 inches of snow, hopping up and down, burying his head, trying to eat the flakes. We didn’t stay long as I wasn’t equipped for the temperature, and after about 20 minutes it was back to the hotel to get ready for another day of driving. 24 hours later we were settling into our new house excited for thigns to come.

The location change was a lot to take in.  In Finn’s case the move meant no more yard to play in (yard is a relative term as the old one turned into one big burn spot dotted with signs of digging and paw tracks). Instead Finnegan hangs out inside most of the day. He’s cool with this as it means he gets to sleep on cool hardwood floors and soft static inducing carpet, he rotates about hourly. At first we were concerned. How is our outdoor puppy who is used to relieving himself at will onthe lawn, chasing the occasional bird, and basking in the sun going to handle being in an inclosed space? Well he did just fine, minus a few weeks of learning curve to teach him carpet is not grass (he’d never really experienced carpet before), and now he goes on a lot more walks. Because this live bear is cooped up inside all day we make it a point to take him on real walks more.

Finn’s mom is great about the mornings, when Finn joins her for her morning runs. It’s nice that he’s with her as there can be viscious wildlife on the trail, but then I have to be worried about Finn too. At lunch he joins me to pick up the mail at the end of our court and we usually stretch that out into a mile long stroll. Then on a lot of nights we’ll play fetch behind the house. We can’t play during the day as the golfers would be angry, and we now need to be careful about letting Finn in the pond, but overall I think he gets more quality playtime now.

Not everything has been easy about moving to a new city but it is nice to have someone in the house who barely knows the difference. On any given day Finn stills greets us with his patented half smile, tongue out to the side, wide-eyed looks that will make you forget about anything else.

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