Leo Carillo State Beach Dog Park

Although it is technically not in Los Angeles (as no beaches are), Leo Carillo State Park is one of the few sandy ocean side destinations that allows dogs without the threat of a fine. We took Finn up there in hopes of letting him play in the waves, which we didn’t let him do the last time we brought him to a beach. After pawing at a few mild splashes Finn dove in and within minutes was letting waves crash on top of him.Golden retriever in the surf
The on leash rule, even in the water, is a bit of a bummer but we did see a lot of extending leashes and stakes with leads attached. Of course Finn was upset that he didn’t get to run free but unlike other dog parks you are allowed to bring food so we were able to entice him to relax for a few minutes. There were tons of other dogs at the beach, in every size, and most owners were friendly with well socialized pets. As always though, Finn was the best looking one of the bunch.Wet golden retriever on the beachThe beach does provide a great place to run with a dog, but for those who want a more intense walk the park also contains a few miles of hiking trails as well as overnight camping spots. Running in the sand with the dog

There are no bags here but it is a beach so it is pretty easy to figure out a way to “pick up” after a pet. Also there is no water (fresh… clearly there is salt water), which could be a big problem for dogs that like drinking salt water (which causes dehydration, vomiting and diarrhea). If you are going to a beach with a pet you may want to look at some more tips about taking a dog to a beach.

Getting to Leo Carillo beach was an easy hour drive from the westside of Los Angeles, but if PCH is backed up it could be quite the haul. The park is located at 35000 W. Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu and parking there is $10 for the day, not bad by L.A. standards. View of Leo Carillo State Park Dog Beach Of the 1.5mi of beach area about .75mi is a designated dog friendly area. As you enter the park you drive under a bridge and follow the road north of tower 3 to the second parking lot, dogs are allowed ON LEASH anywhere north of tower 3. Here is a little more on the features of Leo Carillo State Park, and below is a map of the area.

If you are looking for somewhere to take a dog off-leash check out Hungtion Beach for some dog friendly surf.


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