Hottest Day in LA history!

Last week we had the hottest day on record here in Los Angeles. It reached a whopping 113 degrees in parts of the city. For those of you who are not familiar with LA weather, those types of temperatures are unheard of! Anything over 90 degrees is considered abnormally hot, so everybody in the city was very concerned to see these extreme temps.

One of the nice things about living near the ocean is that we normally do not need air conditioning. On the rare days it does strech over 90 degrees  we just flip on a couple of fans or sleep with an ice pack.  However, we were obviously not prepared for the devastation 113 degrees and no A/C  would bring.

eating ice cubes to cool off

My Main concern was Finn. I actually drove home in the middle of the day from work to make sure he was doing okay. I put him in my mom’s house which does have air conditioning( thank god!), and turned it to a cool 72.  I also fed him lots of ice and dipped his paws in cold water. I have read this helps. I was still so worried that he must be burning up under his thick coat. I am so thankful this heat wave only lasted one day!

Do you have any tips/tricks when it comes to relieving your dog from the summer heat?

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