Holidays with a Pet – Ten Memories #5
Traveling Bag for Finn's First Trip

Traveling Bag for Finn's First Trip

Thanksgiving dinner with a dog- Finnegan’s First Trip

Finn’s first long car trip, first time meeting his grandparents, and his first over night trip. All of these things were accomplished over thanksgiving, a fitting time to appreciate all the wonderful things Finn brings to our lives.The trip started out slowly, sitting in traffic on the 405 trying to get out of Los Angeles on a holiday, but Finn did not show his frutration with the gridlock. When in doubt this little guy knows what to do; sleep. It was like that most of the 7 hours we drove. We made a few stops to get let him pee and grab some food but each time we got back on the road it only took a few minutes for him to settle in and get back to dreaming.

When we arrived we made the decision to allow bear to sleep in a bedroom. The cage was packed, and even though it is a quick assembly one it’s still a hassle. Thanksgiving was jammed with loads of people coming by (there were at least 4 people sleeping on floors or couches in the house in addition to all 4 bedrooms being occupied) and Finnegan was hamming it up for all of them. He impressed a few with his knowledge of “sit” and “shake” the only real tricks he knew at the time, but what he lacked in training he made up for in shear cuteness. With Finn always around there was a concern that he would need to be sanctioned off during Thanksgiving dinner, to avoid any begging. Then a funny thing happened.

All the food was out on the table, and all ten people were seated and just as we were about to begin it struck me. Where is Finnegan? I knew he wasn’t left outside, and he sure wasn’t begging at the table, so where could he be? As i went to push myself away from the table to investigate my foot hit something soft. Then I realized, Finnegan already knew the best spot. Instead of standing around the table begging for food Finn used the large table with overflowing table cloths as his own personal den. He was curled in a ball under my feet, just out of reach so I could stretch out but still close enough to land one of his patented “I’m chasing a cat in my dreams” kicks.

The meal carriedon, plenty of food was eaten, desert was served and only when everyone moved off to drop into their food comas did Finnegan emerge, following us over to the couches and then outside where he ate his own personal thanksgiving (It’s a holiday, he’s allowed to eat turkey and potatoes once in a while). The whole trip was fantastic and I sure was thankful that we got to share it with Finn.

Oonagh P McAndrew
July 24th, 2008 11:27 am

You gave my grand puppy turkey AND potatoes? Shame on you for spoiling him!


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