Furry Scurry
Finn and Friends at Furry Scurry Denver

Finn and Friends at Furry Scurry Denver

The mile high city has been an adventure for all of us, Finn included, since moving in December. The bear has acclimated well to the high altitude but somehow he now sleeps more than before (we’re up to 20 hours on some days). He still gets out though. There are a few dog parks in the area, a nice trail by the house, cool neighbor dogs, and even Finn’s first entry required event.

A few weekends ago Finn’s mom took him to the Furry Scurry. A run/walk put on by the Dumb Friends League to help support homeless pets. The whole thing raised close to $1Million.

The event was held in Washinton Park, in Denver. A great area that we’ve taken Finn for runs in otherwise, and he even had some company. The little Boston terriers are Louis and Wendel. Louis rocked a stroller for the event and both of the little guys were wearing their Varsity Letterman Jackets. I have no idea what sport they are from but I think we need to get Finn into sports so he can get a cool jacket as well.

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