First Christmas with a Dog – Ten Memories #7

There were some stressful times leaving Finn at the shelter for the first time and taking him on his first road trip so Christmas was a nice change. We stayed in Los Angeles for Finn’s first Christmas and used the short break from work as a time to relax. Living in southern California is a dream for a kid from the midwest (me, not Finn) and growing up there were always rumors that some places in the world didn’t turn into semi-rain semi-snow grey blobs 4 months out of every year. There were others presents, and even a stocking for the pooch, but the real treat was the trip to the beach on Christmas eve.

Finnegan opening his presents

Finnegan opening his presents

Even though it is illegal to have a dog on Santa Monica beach there was noone around to enforce that rule. We had the beach to ourselves and spent a good half hour just walking along the water letting Finn sniff some seaweed and taste the salt (he quickly figured out it was not good). Seeing him experience sand for the first time, chase the crashing waves, and attack seaweed it was impossible not to smile. Even after only 6 months it was evident how much Finn had become a part of our lives and how much joy he provided on a daily basis. Starting our own traditions, and including him in them, made me realize that I had become a “crazy dog person” and I was, and am, completly okay with that.

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