Finn in Hiking Shoes

While in Denver we happened upon a dog store that was selling hiking shoes for dogs. Not ones to force our pet to walk in the cold unprotected we picked up a pair for Finn. Of course he’s never been the type to allow things on his head or paws without first tasting them, but over time he’s come to understand how to walk in the shoes. Here is a little video sample of him trotting around. At first he doesn’t know how to put his paws down but he gets over that quickly. The shoes are not something I’d ever deem as useful, but watching the dog romp around in these things (especially on hardwood floors) is entertainment at it’s best.

September 19th, 2010 11:15 am

Great. Yeah. And I concur with that, but want to drop my own two cents-worth about quality of gear. Too often I watch people suffering from crap gear that they had bought thinking that they would be wise to spend less. That’s not how it works folks.

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