Facebook for Dogs: Dogbook

If anyone else out there has a dog on Facebook’s  app exclusively for dogs, look up Finn, he wants some friends. Of course it is not necessary for Finn to have his own Facebook page, but it is another good way to store some pictures and stories about him that we can remember for a long time. He already has a few friends, Lala from the puppy fight is one of them. In case you are not on facebook here is a screen capture of what a dogbook page looks like. Oh and it looks like if you want a dogbook site you’ll have to sign up for facebook, but nothings stopping you from signing the dog up for facebook assuming you have an extra e-mail for them.

This post originally appeared at our blogger site, and since then dogbook has expanded greatly. There are now a lot more pooches on it and there are other applications as well including CatBook, Rodentbook and a host of others.

We’re trying to branch out in the world of social media for the little bear. Pretty soon I think he’ll be signing up for Twitter as well so we can quickly and easily share photos and thoughts.Until then hopefully we’ll get some new friends, and maybe even a wall write or two.

July 6th, 2009 12:24 pm

Wow, Finn’s been a busy guy! Looks like he’s having a wonderful time in Denver with all the new places to explore.

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