Doggie Boarding!

One of the most important tasks we have had in our move to Denver has been finding a great Doggie Daycare and boarding facility for Finnegan. Between work and vacations, both Chris and I travel quite a bit.

In Los Angeles, we always took finn to Cage Free Canine.  We quickly fell in love with this place.  Not only was it a rescue foundation ( I have a soft spot in my heart for that!),  but there was not a kennel in sight. All of the dogs played outside all day long, and then retired to a large open indoor room to snuggle with each other for the night.  Our favorite part about it was that there was always a staff member with the dogs 24/7.  Someone even slept in the room with them at night. This provided a huge amount of comfort to Chris and I as we were traveling knowing that there was always someone around Finnegan in case something went wrong in the middle of night.

Since our move to Denver in November, we have taken Finn to many of the popular daycares in the Denver metro area trying to find the “right” one. They all offered pretty much the same thing. Some of them had awesome pools , some of them had web-cams, but none of them had the around the clock supervison that we became accustomed to in Los Angeles.  This always bothered us in the back of our minds. What if there was a fire?  At all  of the places we took Finn, the facilities manager would close ( and leave) around 7pm and then reopen again at 8am leaving the dogs alone unsupervised for the entire evening/night. This was extremely disappointing to us. We figured this would have to be something we’d just have to get over, until……

Doggie Lounge and Nightclub recently opened up in Englewood ( where 285 and santa fe intersect). This doggie lounge is a breath of fresh air among the other Doggie daycare places in Denver. The owner, Kyllee Dionisi is extremely interested in the well being of your dog. She is a certified dog trainer, a member of the American Boarding Kennel Association (ABKA), and a volunteer with the Humane Society and animal behaviorist.  Kyllee decided to leave her job of managing one of Denver’s biggest day-cares to start up her own daycare with her Husband. You can tell that they have put a ton of work into making this place all about the dogs! The best part about this place is the fact that there will always be somebody with the dogs at night! Hooray!

Just adding that simple thing adds loads of comfort to traveling parents who are leaving their “babies”  for several nights. Chris and I were so happy to find a place with a cute ambiance, excellent managers, and extremely reasonable prices! In fact, the prices at Doggie Lounge and Nightclub are substantially less than what we were paying at some of Denver’s most well-known places!

There are TONS of great amenities that Doggie Lounge and Nightclub has to offer.  In addition to the extremely nice owners, the lounge also offers rubber floors to protect your pups paws ( and just seems more hygienic all around) , a wonderful boutique with some extremely unique gifts for your pet, a large outdoor area, and not a kennel in sight. The entire place has a cool and hip vibe to it. It’s the type of place I wouldn’t mind hanging out at for the afternoon. Which brings me to the next best thing about this place….
The lounge was hosting a wine tasting event for Doggie owners on Saturday afternoon when we came to pick up Finn for his trial day at camp. It was a great way to mingle with other dog owners, while sipping on some excellent wine! Word on the street is that there will be lots of other events like this in the future. They are in the process of opening up an “owner’s  lounge” upstairs where dog owners can come mingle and maybe get in a few games of poker while watching their pups play below ( from a large window overlooking the outdoor play area).

We cannot WAIT to have Finn spend a week here while we are on vacation next week. Thank you Kyllee for opening up the boarding facilities of our dreams!


Kyllee takes "first day" photo's of all her campers! Awwww!

finn makes friends!

finn makes friends!

Finn being social at camp!

Finn being social at camp!


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concerned pet owner
August 4th, 2009 10:50 am

Be careful.We know of a customer that used this facilty to test it out and they let their dog get out. He crossed Santa Fe and was killed by coyotes.

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