Do You Allow Your Dog on the Bed? Finn’s Mom Weighs the Pro’s and Con’s
How can you say no to this face?
Can you say no to this face?

A point of contention between Finn’s Mom and Dad since day 1 of bringing baby Finn into our home was- Do we allow this little stinker on the bed? I think most dog owners go through this dilemma at one point or another.

From what I’ve read from various training books, you have to make a decision one way or the other in the beginning. If you let the dog on the bed once, it means he’ll be on the bed for life.  I somewhat disagree with this theory- especially if you have doors to close the dog out you can pretty much ensure the dog will only hop on the bed if you allow it to. That being said, we decided to allow Finn to be in the bed when we invite him up.  This seems to work- unless we leave him alone in the house and forget to shut the bedroom door.

Here I will weigh some of the pro’s and con’s of letting puppy on your bed:


1. Adorable puppy snuggle time! This fosters bonding.

2. Lazy Saturday mornings in bed instead of racing up out of bed to make sure the dog is let out/fed/etc…

3.  When either one of us is traveling, we can always rely on Finn to fill the other side of the bed that would otherwise remain lonely and vacant.


1. Dirt/hair in bed. White duvet? Not happening.

2. Violent kicking. Finn has been known to run vivaciously in his sleep. If you happen to doze off next to the little guy, you might be awoken with a swift kick to the stomach.

3. Protect the sanctity of the puppy – free zone. In our house Finn is allowed everywhere. The bedroom is the one place to have be puppy-free so the adults can enjoy a nice and clean sanctuary.

What do you guys think? Do we live in the moment and enjoy our furry companion to the fullest even if it means covering our beautiful white duvet with an ugly protective blanket? Or do we keep our bedroom doors shut at all times and say good night to Finn outside of our bedroom?

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