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Experiencing an earthquake for the first time is awkwardly exciting. It is disturbing because of the power and damage that can be caused, but still interesting to live through.

Yesterday a magnitude 5.4 earthquake occurred. The epicenter was about 30 miles away from us but it was still easily felt. I was on the phone at the time and had to pause a conference call while I stepped outside to make sure nothing terrible happened. Finnegan, man’s best friend who supposedly has a natural instinct for when these sorts of things are going to occur, SLEPT THROUGH THE FIRST HALF OF IT. Seriously!

Los Angeles area earthquake with a dog

Los Angeles area earthquake with a dog

He was lying out on the lawn just napping away in the sun like he normally does in the afternoon. As I got up and went out to greet him (with things shaking all around) he finally popped up, let out a surprised bark and proceeded to run a few frantic circles around the yard. Too late buddy, fun’s over. Reports claim that the quake lasted between 20-45 seconds depending on where you felt it but for us it was probably about 30 seconds. Keep in mind I had enough time to A) figure out that an earthquake was happening B) tell my people on the phone that an earthquake was happening and excuse myself from the conversation, C) make a conscious decision that maybe being inside around stacked boxes and a storage area was not a great idea D) rectify the situation by walking around a couch, through a room and outside. AFTER I had done all of this Finnegan woke from his slumber.

To his credit he does kick a lot in his sleep and shake himself so this might have not been a concern for him even if he were awake but still.  The whole thing, as I said, was exciting but I would not be mad if I never again felt one. Finn on the other hand, while I’m not sure he was even awake long enough to realize there was an earthquake. Poor little guy, he missed out on possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

SuperTreats Dog Biscuit Review
Supertreats YUM!

Supertreats YUM!

The other day an e-mail arrived from the nice folks over at Thrive! foods offering Finn a sampling of their new treat the “SuperTreat”. The concept they are going for is fairly neat as well. The treats are marketed with a special program called “Suprise” which is basically just a single serving of the treats but they’ve made it extra easy to buy one and have it shipped to a pooch you love. For hard-core dog owners (and really aren’t we all) there is sometimes a debate on wheter or not to get presents for a dog but this seems to solve that problem. The treats are:

Good enough for people to eat with their dog – they taste great (Banana Biscotti, Ginger Snaps, Peanut Butter Granola, Dehydrated Papaya Chews) and we use human-grade ingredients made in an FDA certified facility.

The variety we got were the Vitality Granola bites. Finn of course scarfed these things down in no-time so they do get the puppy approval. Because they have the whole FDA approved ingredients thing going for them I even tried one. It’s no poptart, and you won’t find me packing them for myself on any hikes, but the treats were palatable and I must admit I’ve had worse food that was actually made for humans.

All in all not a bad little package and these will definatly be kept in mind for future dog presents.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with SuperTreats! or Thrive! foods. They did however send quality free product which is an easy way to please Finn and friends.

SuperTreats Mailing

SuperTreats Mailing

Finnegan’s Official

July first marks one year with Finnegan and in that time many wonderful things have occured. Coming soon will be the top ten memories from the first year of pet ownership. For now here is the new official flag of My Dog Finn.

My Dog Finn new start!

Welcome friends of Finn. It’s going to take a little while to get things up and running but this will be the new home of My Dog Finn.