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Finn’s other names

We only refer to Finnegan as “Finn” when he is in trouble or something serious is going on. More often than not, he is referred to as:


Mr. Bear


Lil Bear

Finnie Bear




Mr. Pants


Sweet Pea

Bear is now embarrassed:)

Happy 4th Birthday, Finn!

Finnegan turned 4 years old on March 18th. Although technically Finn didn’t come into our lives until July 1st, we consider this to have been the absolute best 4 years of our lives. When we first met Finn, we were unemployed college grads who had decided to complicate our recent plunge into cohabitation by getting a puppy. Getting Finn was one of the best decisions we ever made. Nothing has brought us closer together, and seeing Chris’s fatherly demeanor towards baby Finn is when I knew our family was created. 4 years later we are happily married, working at amazing jobs, ┬áliving in a city we love, pinching ourselves everyday that we are this lucky. We love our little family and nothing is better than coming home after a long day and seeing Finn’s smiling face. Finn has been the easiest, most loving dog these past 4 years. Everybody who meets him instantly falls in love with him. Although we’d like to take credit for his gentlemanly manners and sweet disposition, I cannot say enough about the Golden Retriever breed. As a first time dog owner, there is no better companion.

Now that Finn is 4, he is technically no longer a “puppy”. ┬áHe has fooled us though! He still gets extremely excited at the sight of squirrels or birds, and does his little puppy romp when we play outside. It’s so great to see that energy and happiness is still a part of him! Although his little face hairs have started to look more white than golden, he will always be my little baby and when I look at his face, I see the same pup we brought home 4 years ago.

For Finn’s Birthday I was undecided if I should make him a “Doggie Cake” like i do every year, or just give him what he really wants- Steak. I opted to go with the Steak this year, since usually the doggie cake gets a couple licks and then he’s over it. I am happy to report he was SO excited to receive his steak dinner and doggie cupcake cookie. I also got him a dog frisbee. It’s important to me to celebrate Finn’s birthday. Not only to make him feel special, but also to celebrate another year in his amazing life.