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How to Support Your Local Los Angeles Animal Shelter

The following is a guest post from Doug of Wet Nose Guide is a collection of links, contact information and reviews for local dog and pet related businesses in a variety of cities. You can also follow them on twitter @WetNoseGuide.


Are you unable to adopt a dog or cat, but would still like to lend a helping hand to your local animal shelter? There are plenty of ways for you to get involved and help the cause without making a large commitment.

The easiest way to contribute to your local dog rescue is, of course, to make a donation. You can do this by making a simple monetary contribution; however, it is a lot more fun to participate in a fundraiser instead! Most shelters have several fundraisers annually, in varying forms, from fancy galas to simple bake sales and pet photo shoots with Santa. Attend one of these events for a fantastic opportunity to contribute to a shelter or rescue, while feeling awesome in return!

Up one step from a monetary donation is to donate your time. Dog rescues in LA are nothing without volunteers, thanks to generous donations of time from people like you. Volunteering can mean anything from a short-term project, in which you participate in a few adoption drives, to a long-term commitment that allows you to develop a more personal relationship with the organization. Regardless of your level of commitment, one thing is certain: your help is very necessary and very appreciated.

Ultimately, if neither of the above options suits your fancy, it’s still possible to help out a dog shelter by simply getting the word out. Spread information, through Twitter, Facebook, or word of mouth, about the serious problem of overcrowding in modern pet shelters and about dog adoption events and fundraisers in LA that people can attend to help alleviate it. It may not seem like much, but even the tiniest gestures can make a world of difference when they’re all put together.