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Ohio State Dog Collar Bandana

Ohio State Dog Collar Bandana

Being from Ohio myself it is only natural that I train my “kid” to root for THE Buckeyes. Add to the fact that we live within walking distance of UCLA and Finn’s mom has signifcant ties to the Bruins and it leads to a good reason to dress Finnegan up and have him wrestle with the evil neighbor dog. Ozzie, the neighbor dog, is cool and everything but he has the misfortune of living with Trojan alums. Poor guy.

Anyways, with the big contest this weekend to prove dominace in football prowess just hours away Finny is gearing up by sporting his new OSU bandana, a gift from the grandparents. He’s got an OSU football as well that he adores and we may need to get him some more OSU garb for the rest of the season.

Kickoff is tomorrow at 8PM. We’re all excited.